Damir Markov, was in the company of dogs from early childhood. His father had American Pit Bull Terriers and Dogue de Bordeaux. It is difficult to say how long he has been breeding dogs, because he assisted his father and bred litters as far back as he can remember. He has always had the deepest love for the Bull dog type. He has been involved with American Staffordshire Terriers since 1997, when he purchased his first dog “Darth Vader”. His interest became very strong within the breed and he began collecting photographs, results, and magazines on the breed. He bred his first litter in 2006 under the prefix “SKYWALKERAMSTAFFS” kennel and has been successfully campaigning and judging the breed since.
An FCI international judge of :
whole II FCI group (Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs),
whole III FCI group (Terriers),
whole V FCI group (Spitz and Primitive Types),
whole VIII FCI group (Retrievers ,Flushing Dogs,Water Dogs),
whole IX FCI group (Companion and Toy Dog) ,and
whole X FCI group (Sighthounds),
 Damir is also the President of the Kennel Club Rusanda for all dog breeds and organizer of many national dog shows and special shows.He is one of the founders, general directors of well-known Turkish terrier club show ,named Bosphoprus Terrier Club Show in Istanbul. He is also the member of steering committee of Kennel Federation of Serbia .
 Damir is the author of 4 books about American Staffordshire Terriers. He wrote several Annual (Champion) books about champions from Serbia, and was co-author of Amstaff catalogue in Serbia , and most importantly, Damir Markov wrote the first book about Amstaffs in 2008, by the name Staffordshire Terriers - book about origin, history, breeding , socializations, and other.
 He is also the author of the All Dog Breeds for judges issued by the Kennel Federation of Serbia, and haswritten publications in magazines about pets. As a judge, he has judged at many big clubs, special, and international show in Australia, Poland , Germany, France, Holland, Russia, Serbia , Turkey, Belgium, Austria ,Spain ,Bosnia ,Slovenia, USA ,Hawaii , Sweden , Italy , Indonesia , etc.
 His kennel, SKYWALKERAMSTAFF has produced many champions and grand champions , international champions in FCI. He has earned BIS, BISS, awards, and REPRODUCTION CHAMPION for his female, which is officially awarded Amstaff female of Serbia. She has produced, 13 Champion offspring dogs, with 4 different males. Most importantly, Damir is very proud because he breeds only health litters, genetically strong, selected bloodlines, and only, and exclusively ATAXIA CLEAR litters, as all his dogs are only ATAXIA CLEAR.



 Damir Markov has held several seminars worldwide, approved by Kennel federation of organizers, organized by American Staffordshire Terrier clubs, with different themes such as: Amstaff standard and comment of standard, Amstaff Origin and History, FCI terms and regulates, breeding and socialization of Amstaff , Handling Master Class , American Bully Standard and more.
 His path into the ABKC Damir started with his mentor, Susan Fedorsha, ABKC senior judge. In 2016, he completed the apprenticeship and became international ABKC Judge. In the same year , with his wife Maja Markov (co-owner of Skywalkeramstaff kennel ) founded and officially registered ABKC Serbian Club, and became Vice President of the club.

In 2016 he is publish and new book abouth American Bully by the name " American Bully Standard and Comment on Standard.



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